Fossil Flake

Line-up at Tonfanau

Last Sunday was my first ride out with the club this year.

I would have gone out sooner, really I would but my chain was a bit loose, one indicator was not flashing the right shade of orange and…  ok I’m a fair weather whimp, but anyway it looked like a great day for popping over to Barmouth for an ice cream.

We set out from Telford under a clear sky and the roads were surprisingly empty given the fine weather. We maintained a good pace, despite a slight detour at Welshpool, to the cafe at Mallwyd where Myler caught us up on a different bike to the one he started out on.

Outside the cafe Vey caught us with a selfi before I had chance to put my lippy on, but looks like I got the egg out of my beard at least.

Selfi at the cafe
Selfi at the cafe

Then on to Barmouth for the ice cream… 

… the ice cream was nice but I think the flakes were pre-lockdown stock, a bit wooden!

Over the toll bridge, past Fairbourne, a nice bit of coastal road with clear view over the bay and we popped in to take a look at the motor cycle race track at Tonfanau. 

Two club members who should know better lost £5 each betting Mylers bike would not start again – it did this time – HUSTLER!!!

Line-up at Tonfanau
Line-up outside Tonfanau.

Then a bit of a play on some clear twisty roads on the way home… a great day out.